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Complete Removal of Old Kitchen Debris.
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Who is John Mc Intyre Construction LLc.         

John McIntyre Construction LLc. is your local affordable License Georgia
home improvement contractor specializing in kitchen cabinet installation. The passion develop to remodel kitchens started during many years of experience in the kitchen cabinet remodeling industry. I soon realized the kitchen is one place in the home that family interact daily the kitchen should reflect your personality with style and design to empower you daily.
It be design and provide you with the maximum dazzling effect possible. But with out careful planning the pricing could surprise and cost you thousands, As you know kitchen cabinet prices are extremely high, Therefore it is important that good research and planning is essential to enjoy your dream kitchen, without careful planning you can spend many wasted time , effort and money, into a kitchen you do not like.
      Therefore the kitchen should design with style. Start planning your kitchen style early spend some quality time researching, for example look through magazines, visit high-end retail stores and showrooms. look at designs, review marble top counter finish, take notes, these are some examples to help you in the early planning stages of your dream kitchen. After your selection is made and you are ready for the final installation John McIntyre professional installation services will help guide you to complete that dream kitchen as seen in the magazine or that showroom.

    Services offered.
Complete accurate measuring of your kitchen.
Ordering of cabinets and appliances.
Installation of cabinets and moldings.
Installation of appliances.
Complete removal of old cabinet debris.
Custom and Regular Decks installation or Repair.
Complete home Remodel.
Basement completion or remodel.
Professional finish carpentry.
Bathroom remodeling.

Increase your home value by designing your kitchen with a stylish look today.
See my portfolio showing pictures of satisfied customers.


  Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Clear Finish

3 piece sectional

  Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Glaze counter top finish

Oak Finish


Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Light Oak Finish

3 piece sectional

:: DECKS ::

Custom and regular deck
installation, Basements <
Bathroom remodeling
Complete home Remodel.
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Counter tops
The counter tops is the area many home users chosen carefully it shows off the most amazing dazzling decor of the kitchen, there are many variation of styles in today market  ranging market is Granites in many
marble top variations
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